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In the world of photography these days there are many big companies who sell artist's work online.To name a few, company's like Fine Art America, Yellowkorner sell anything and everything at extremely low prices to make a quick sale with no integrity for Quality.

Lumas on the other hand is a unique and well respected company in todays Art World. There curators work directly with up coming and famous artist to share and sell their unique artwork both national and internationally.

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In 1996 in New York, East Village Stefanie Harig & Marc Alexander Ullrich met a gentleman named John at an antique market and bought 5 of his original press photos from the 1920s. That was the beginning of their passionate involvement with photography. They continue to collect photo art, visiting exhibitions, galleries, art fairs and many artists in their studios.Back then they opened the door to a new world: the world of art photography. A world that is black-and-white and colorful, surprising and magical, lively and inspiring. They created LUMAS in order to share this enthusiasm with others.


The Curators of Lumas work with upcoming and famous artist from around the world on an application/handpicked bases to be part of the team working together to find Collectors while making it profitable for both artist and Lumas.Lumas offers more than 3000 works of art from 250 artists.Artwork is available as Limited Edition Pieces on average runs between 75-100 Pieces every made and Open Editions and historic and contemporary pieces are available as well.

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Their goal is to make top quality affordable art for everyone by closing the gap with those ideas and giving enthusiastic newcomers and experienced collectors alike an entry into the world of photo art.


  • Abstract Art
  • Fine Art Photography
  • Still Life Art
  • Vintage Art Prints
  • Black and White Art
  • Large Format Art
  • Mid Century Modern
  • Industrial Art

"Secret Sunset" Fine Art Limited Edition of 100 by Nick Selway

Lumas Gallery Locations

Lumas opened their first gallery in November 2004 in Berlin and 1 year later they opened there first gallery in the United States in New York.To date LUMAS has opened 24 Galleries around the world making quite a splash in the photography world.

  • Europe Galleries
    Budapest Gallery,London Gallery,Paris-Saint-Germain Gallery,Vienna Gallery,Zurich Gallery
  • Germany Galleries

Berlin-Kurfurstendamm Gallery ,Berlin-Mitte Gallery,Cologne Gallery,Dortmund Gallery,Dusseldorf Gallery,Frankfurt Gallery,Hamburg Gallery,Hanover Gallery,Mannheim Gallery,Munich Gallery,Stuttgart Gallery,Wiesbadn Gallery

  • US Galleries

New York-Soho Gallery,Miami Beach Gallery

  • Canada Galleries

Toronto Gallery

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With Lumas having 24 Galleries worldwide,250 artists and 3000 pieces to choose from they are one of the leading Art Galleries in the industry with quality prints at great prices. If you're every in any of the locations that they have Galleries definitley stop in and check out there art or at the very least head over to there website and browse many selections of unique pieces to find what you're looking for.