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The viewing of the northern lights has always held a great fascination for me and my wife. We’ve talked for years about going to view this magnificent spectacle of nature, however, like most photography workshops, I wanted to go with the best in the business. We have been on a couple that we're not quite what we expected. However, when I saw that my buddy Nick Selway along with Joe Garza were heading up a destination photo workshop to Alaska, I told my wife, now that's a trip we have got to take!My reasons were basically I have always admired Nicks photography skills for years so that was a no brainer. Viewing Joes expertise in photography with his attention to fine details regarding landscape photography were just over the top! Of course, it doesn't hurt that both of these guys will do what is necessary to get you exactly where you need to be during every shoot I cannot emphasize this enough. When shooting the northern lights, timing is everything and they made it a point to have us at the right place and right time every time! Certainly, one of the top photo workshops I have ever been on, and I have been on many. I would wholeheartedly recommend Nick and Joe for any and all workshops they plan. The best!~ Tim, South Carolina

I tremendously enjoyed the aurora workshop in Alaska earlier this year. Thank you for patiently showing me how to focus to infinity, instructing me to open my aperture setting to maximum in manual mode, suggesting settings for shutter speed and showing me how to eliminate camera shake. I appreciate how you took us to locations where light pollution was minimized and the beauty of the aurora was maximized. Since then, I have presented my images at two different camera club meetings, and I have received numerous compliments. Most of all, I got to meet some good people and we had fun, "snow or shine"!~ Brian, IndianaAlaska Northern Lights, 2022!

"October 2020 was a fantastic Nature Photography Workshop in the Grand Tetons and Yellowstone National Park with Light Chasing Photo Tours with Nick Selway and Joe Garza. Light and Wildlife chase we did sunrise, daylight, sunset and night photography. These two men are awesome. Extremely knowledgeable about the area, special spots, wildlife and the camera. Kind, courteous and always about YOU getting the shot! It was a fun week, learned lots about my camera, composition, special lighting and post-processing. I met a wonderful group of people. Here are just a few of my favorites from what I have done so far. Many thanks to Nick and Joe. Highly recommend them and their workshops and work!" Sheila-Indiana

"AWESOME tour guides.... knowledgeable about the Grand Tetons & Yellowstone & combined with their knowledge of photography which lead to some AMAZING shots! Took the time to work with ALL members who attended workgroup-very patient, kind, & FUN. Highly recommend their nature photography workshops! Would definitely attend another. Looking forward to applying skills learned at home!" Kristin-Wisconsin

"What a great trip to the Grand Tetons and Yellowstone National parks earlier this month. I participated in a nature photo workshop led by Nick Selway and Joe Garza, Light Chasing Photo Tours. These guys are great. Terrific instruction and guidance while making the week total FUN! To my new friends that joined and shared stories and nonstop laughs...hope to see you all on future trips." Mark- Massachusetts

"Nick and Joe did an amazing job of finding hidden, amazing places to photograph. It was immediately obvious to me that these guys are truly talented photographers as well as fantastic coaches and were more than willing to pass on their extensive knowledge. They both spent our time together teaching us how to improve our own photography skills including camera usage, composition, editing and all other phases in making beautiful photos. They really opened my eyes to a new level of expectations with my own work and how to achieve it. Our time together was filled with sunrises, sunsets, laughs and learning. I plan to do this again with them. I couldn't have asked for more and have a whole new group of lifetime friends! Can't wait for my next time! Thanks Joe & Nick!" Scott-Kansas

"It was absolutely wonderful to attend the Teton nature photography workshop mentored by Nick Selway and Joe Garza. Both are not only photographers, but are teachers, which is a task not many can do. Not all artists can explain the why's and how's of their work. I was very inspired by their knowledge, guidance and advice along with lots of humor! Both gave full efforts in teaching each and every person who attended. This experience pushed me in my photography to go further and try new things. Thank you for sharing your passion! I would recommend this and any workshop to everyone. I am already looking forward to another one in 2021!" Deanna-Wisconsin

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