2020 And 2021 Photography Workshops: 2021 Bryce Canyon National Park Photography Workshop

Bryce Canyon National Park Photography Workshop

Jan 28th- 31st 2021 Bryce Canyon,Utah

Wind, water and time have eroded Bryce Canyon National Park's sandstone cliffs into otherworldly characters plucked from the unconscious of a mad Viking. Rows of humanoid pillars crosshatched by rock strata look almost intentional but perfectly surreal. So silent, eerie and beautiful. Come join along on this amazing photo tour and experience the beauty of Bryce Canyon and capture your own stunning images.

Workshop Information

Workshop Schedule- The tour will begin on Jan 28th and and we will be meeting at "The Bryce Canyon Pines Hotel" by 3pm. From there we will be checking in to our rooms and then getting your camera gear ready so we can head out and shoot our first sunset. Before we take off we will have a meeting downstairs in the lobby at 3:45 pm to introduce ourselves to everyone and answer any questions and then let the fun begin. We will be shooting sunrise and sunset everyday and if the weather is in our favor we can shoot later into each morning. After each morning depending on how everyone is feeling we can head back to the hotel to rest and grab some breakfast. Most importantly create a relaxed, fun and enjoyable atmosphere for a incredible experience. You will feel more confident taking your photography skills to the next level. Photography Tour will end on Jan 31 after we shoot sunrise.

Group Size- 8 People

Booking- The workshop will need to be paid in full 60 days prior to Jan 28th so by Nov 28th. Refunds are not available after the 60 day mark unless we can find another person to fill your spot.

Cost-Total cost for this tour is $1100.00 and $250 Deposit due at the time of registration.

Hotel- We have reserved a group of rooms at the "The Bryce Canyon Pines" Highway 12, Mile Marker 10, Bryce Canyon,UT. #800-892-7923 - When calling to make your reservations please inform them you are with Light Chasing Photo Tours. This will insure a guarantee room for your trip.

The Bryce Canyon Pines,Utah

Ammenities-Best restaurant in Bryce Canyon, Hot tub,Free High Speed Internet,Free Parking.

World Famous Restaurant-

Our restaurant in Bryce is a local and guest favorite with delicious home cooked meals including soup, pie, cowboy size steaks, mashed potatoes, and gravy. We pride ourselves in providing hearty, homemade meals and the best food the west has to offer. For over 50 years we have specialized in satisfying traveler's taste buds.

Our Bryce Canyon restaurant is world famous for its homemade soup and pies. We have one of the largest selections of pie including boysenberry, blueberry, cherry, apple, chocolate angel, sour cream with raisin, and our specialty pies like banana, blueberry, and banana strawberry. In fact, our pies were recognized as among the "Best of America".

Travel- The nearest airport is Las Vegas Airport which is 261 mile drive/ 4 hrs one way.

Included- Permits, Guiding , as much laughter as possible and our wealth of photo knowledge making sure we put everyone in the best possible locations for light and compositions to capture their own stunning images.

Transportation Included- We will be renting 2 Large SUVs to drive everyone on the workshop from the hotel to our shooting locations everyday.

Not Included -Meals and transportation to and from the airport

Difficulty of Workshop and Clothing Needed

Some areas will require short hikes thru mountain terrains with some mild elevation gains less than 100 ft. Our shooting areas will give you the most remote breathtaking views to enhance your experience. Temperatures can range form -15 to 30 Degrees F . We reccommend snow hiking boots for example Sorel Boots or equivalent to, warm base layers top and bottom, snow jackets, warm hoodies, snow pants, beanies, gloves, and wool socks . Make sure you always bring water and some snacks. You will need to bring a good headlamp as well.

Recommend gear to include but not limited to.

DSLR, Mirrorless cameras or whatever you comfortable with. Solid tripod with either a ballhead or equivalent. Shutter release setup for long exposures. Recommended lens 16-35mm, 24-70mm,70-200mm,100-400mm. If you have a macro lens there will be the opportunity for this. These are the lens we have found to be the best for all around coverage in the areas we will be.

Make sure to have extra batteries, SD Cards and laptop computer with either Lightroom or Photoshop.

-Creating Stunning Compositions-Rule of 3rds and simplicity

-Understanding Exposure- Shutter Speed, Aperture ,ISO, Depth of Field

-What lens to use for different compositions and lighting

-Introduction to Lightroom and Photo Shop

-Focus stacking

-ND Filters

-Create breathtaking pano images

-Weather permitting, Night sky photography



Born and raised in Westland, Michigan his photography has always been a passion for him that took off while serving in the United States Navy in the early 90's. He learned that landscape and astrophotography was his passion. His work has been showcased throughout the midwest and continues to grow throughout the National and state parks. His home gallery located in Stoughton, Wi at Woodland Studios displays his work from across the country.

Joe resides in Madison, Wi with his wife and 3 children who support him with his travels and his passion to capture the beauty in front of his lens.


Born and raised in Lake Stevens, Washington along the Northern Cascade Mountains, he grew a profound appreciation for the natural world at a young age. He spent his childhood traveling and exploring the Pacific Northwest with his family as his love for mother nature grew. He has been photographing for the last 18 years. He'd lived in Kailua Kona, Big Island of Hawaii for the last 14 years were he ran 2 photography galleries "Lava Light Galleries" and did photo tours to the volcano and around the island. In 2018 Nick moved with his beautiful girlfriend Sarah Buzzetti and embarked on a new journey his life long dream by opening his very own photography gallery on June 1st 2018 located on main street in Breckenridge,Colorado. He currently travels up to 150 days a year photographing mother natures beauty all around the world.