2022 Alaska-Northern Lights Photography Workshop-Fairbanks

Northern Lights-Alaska Photography Workshop

Workshop Dates- March 4-11 2022 Fairbanks,Alaska

Northern Lights -
One of the most phenomenal displays in nature is the Aurora Borealis. Join us where we will set out to several different locations in search of clear skies to watch and photograph these phenomenon light shows. Although predicting the northern lights can be finicky Feb is considered to be the best month for viewing these breathe taking natural wonders. You will leave with some incredible images around Fairbanks. Aurora Borealis is to many people a "Bucket list" event we want to see let alone photograph. We want to make sure you are right there during the action starts till the early morning hours.
If your ready for a epic adventure with then check out more information below and come join us. This workshop will fill up quickly!

Workshop Information

Workshop Schedule- The tours will begin on March 4th and we will be checking in by 3pm at The Hampton Inn Suites Fairbanks,AK . From there we will be heading to our rooms and then getting your camera gear ready so we can head out for the first night to chase The Northern Lights. Before we take off we will have a meeting downstairs in the lobby at 5pm to introduce ourselves to everyone and answer any questions and then let the fun begin. Depending on the weather each night we could drive up to 200 miles one way to find clear skies just to put everyone in the right spot to capture the auroras. Each night we could possibly be out until sunrise the next morning shooting. Prepare for very long nights, little sleep and extremely cold temperatures ranging for -40F to 30 F.

Most importantly create a relaxed, fun and enjoyable atmosphere for a incredible experience. You will feel more confident taking your photography skills to the next level. The last morning of our workshop March 11th checkout of the hotel is at 12pm.

Group Size- Limited to 8 people

Booking- The workshop will need to be paid in full 60 days prior to March 4th, 2022. Refunds are not available after the 60 day mark unless we can find another person to fill your spot.


We reserve the right to cancel the workshop if minimum participants are not met or in the event of an emergency. If a cancellation does occur, participants me either use the fee towards a future workshop or receive a full refund. We are not responsible for travel expenses and therefore we strongly recommend travel insurance to cover such costs.

Cost-Total cost for this tour is $3500.00 and $500 Deposit due at the time of registration.

Hotel- Hampton Inn Suites and Suites, Fairbanks #907-451-1502 433 Harold Bentley Ave. Faibanks, AK 99701

Lodging- Included in workshop fee with double occupancy. Single occupancy is available but is an extra cost!

When calling to make your reservations please inform them you are with "Light Chasing Photo Tours". The reservation needs to be made 25 days prior to the start of the workshop this will insure a guarantee room for your trip.

Hampton Inn Suites and Suites Fairbanks,Alaska


-Free Breakfast, Free Parking,Indoor Pool,Hot Tub,Free WiFi.

Travel-The nearest airport is Fairbanks Airport.

Included-Lodging ,Permits,Guiding/Transportation, 1hr Dog Sledding Adventure as much laughter as possible and our wealth of photo knowledge making sure we put everyone in the best possible locations for light and compositions to capture their own stunning images.

Not Included- Airfare and Meals ....but our hotel does have free breakfast every morning

Transportation- We will be renting a very comfortable sprinter van to take everyone from the hotel to our shooting locations each night. Also if you need transportation to and from the airport please call The Hampton Inn Suites and Suites, Fairbanks #907-451-1502 and they will provide a free shuttle.

Dog Sledding Adventure-

We will be going on a 1 hour dog sled ride with the company "Just Short of Magic"

Your dream of Dog Sledding Alaska comes true where we will join an experienced dog musher and a team of eager huskies. The trail swoops and winds down forested winter trails in the heart of interior Alaska’s Chena River Valley.

While mushing a team of huskies on the trail, it’s not uncommon to see ptarmigan, spruce hens, moose and snowshoe hare tracks, maybe even a cow moose and her calf. (Moose are sighted weekly in our field adjacent to the dog yard). Ravens often swoop down and fly along the trail ahead of us. A perfect dog sled tour for a taste of dog sledding and just the right length for a dog sled ride when it’s exceptionally chilly.

Difficulty of Workshop and Clothing Needed

Some areas will require short hikes thru mountain terrains with some mild elevation gains less than 150 ft. Our shooting areas will give you the most remote breathtaking views to enhance your experience. Snow Hiking boots we recommend Sorel boots or equivalent to, warm base layers top and bottom, snow jackets, warm hoodies, snow pants, beanies, gloves, face mask covering and wool socks . Make sure you always bring water and some snacks for the nights. You will need to bring a good headlamp. We will be providing hand warmers and hot chocolate each night.

Recommend gear to include but not limited to.

Very Important- You will want to have a wide angle lens 16mm-35mm and that has an aperture of 1.4-2.8. Depending on how bright the Northern Lights are on any given night we will be doing long exposures anywhere from 5 sec to 25 sec also make sure you have a cable release for you camera!

DSLR, Mirrorless cameras or whatever you comfortable with. Solid tripod with either a ballhead or equivalent. Shutter release setup for long exposures. Recommended lens 16-35mm,20mm Prime, 24-70mm,70-200mm. These are the lens we have found to be the best for all around coverage in the areas we will be.

Make sure to have extra batteries at least 3 full batteries every night charged, SD Cards

What you will learn-

-Long exposures night time photography

-Creating Stunning Compositions-Rule of 3rds and simplicity

-Understanding Exposure- Shutter Speed, Aperture ,ISO, Depth of Field

-What lens to use for different compositions and lighting

-Introduction to Lightroom and Photo Shop

-Focus stacking

-Create breathtaking panoramic images



Born and raised in Westland, Michigan his photography has always been a passion for him that took off while serving in the United States Navy in the early 90's. He learned that landscape and astrophotography was his passion. His work has been showcased throughout the midwest and continues to grow throughout the National and state parks. His home gallery located in Stoughton, Wi at Woodland Studios displays his work from across the country. Joe resides in Madison,Wisconson with with his 3 children.


Born and raised in Lake Stevens, Washington along the Northern Cascade Mountains, he grew a profound appreciation for the natural world at a young age. He spent his childhood traveling and exploring the Pacific Northwest with his family as his love for mother nature grew. He has been photographing for the last 18 years. He'd lived in Kailua Kona, Big Island of Hawaii for the last 14 years were he ran 2 photography galleries "Lava Light Galleries" and did photo tours to the volcano and around the island. In 2018 Nick moved with his beautiful girlfriend Sarah Buzzetti and embarked on a new journey his life long dream by opening his very own photography gallery on June 1st 2018 located on main street in Breckenridge,Colorado. He currently travels up to 150 days a year photographing mother natures beauty and teaching workshops.