2024 Glacier National Park Photography Workshop

July 16-20th,2024 Glacier National Park,Montana

A showcase of melting glaciers, alpine meadows, carved valleys, and spectacular lakes, Glacier National Park in Montana is a landscape photographers paradise. While the famous Going-to-the-Sun Road provides stellar views for photographers, we'll also take you off the beaten path to see turquoise alpine lakes, meadows, deep forests, and waterfalls, with the potential to see and photograph wildlife such as grizzly bears. This 5-day adventure we will take you to see some of the most rugged, wild, and incredibly scenic views the Rocky Mountains have to offer.

It’s our goal to provide you a comfortable, fun environment to create powerful, unique compositions, and explore photography settings and techniques to help you enhance your photography skills as we chase the light on this incredible photo tour. If you’re looking for assistance with editing after the workshop to bring out the absolute best of your images, we’ll be there to help with that as well.

Glacier National Park Photography Workshop Information

Glacier Park Workshop Schedule-

The tour will begin on July 16th and we will be meeting at in the lobby at our hotel. From there we will be checking in to our rooms at 3:30 and getting our camera gear ready so we can head out and shoot our first sunset. Before we take off, we will have a meeting downstairs meeting in front the lobby by 4:30pm to introduce ourselves to everyone and answer any questions and then let the fun begin.

We will be shooting sunrise and sunset every day and if the weather is in our favor we can shoot later into each morning.After shooting sunrise each day we will look for wildlife to photograph.

Additionally, we will be shooting different locations each day depending on weather conditions and what areas look the best for peak Wildflowers.

Most importantly create a relaxed, fun and enjoyable atmosphere for an incredible experience. You will feel more confident taking your photography skills to the next level. Our Glacier photography workshop will end July 20th after we shoot sunrise by 9am.


  • The Famous Road To The Sun
  • Logan Pass
  • Hidden Lake Overlook
  • St.Marys Falls
  • Grinnell Glacier Lake 5 mile and trip hike
  • Swift Current Lake
  • Peaking Wildflowers
  • Wildlife- Grizzly Bears,Black Bears Mountain Goats,Bull Moose
  • Avalanche Creek

Group Size-Limited to 8 people

Booking- The workshop will need to be paid in full 90 days prior to July 16th. Deposit Refunds are non refundable after the 90-day mark unless we can find another person to fill your spot.

Cost-Total cost for this tour- $3350 Double occupancy | $4000 Single Occupancy

Deposit-A 50% Deposit is due at the time of Registration which can be made at the bottom of this page.

Hotel-We have reserved a group of rooms at the "Glacier Peaks Hotel" 45 Museum Lp Browning,Montana 59417. for the nights of July 16 - 20, with checkout on Wed July 20th by 11am. You do not need to call the hotel once you sign up we will send you your room confirmation # in the following weeks.

Travel-The nearest airport is Glacier International Airport in Kalispell,MT

-Fastest Route-It is 91 mile/1.5hr Drive drive to our hotel if you take the southern route and not drive through Glacier National Park.

-It is 100 mile/2.5 Drive drive to our hotel and if crossing through the park on the West Entrance and driving across and out the East Entrance.

Included - Permits, lodging , guiding, as much laughter as possible and our wealth of photo knowledge making sure we put everyone in the best possible locations for light and compositions to capture their own stunning images

Transportation Included- We will be renting 2 Large Luxury SUVs to drive everyone on the workshop to take everyone from the hotel to our shooting locations each day.

Not included- meals, transportation from the airport on arrival and back

Difficulty of the photography workshop-This time of year the sun rises at about 5:30 am and sets at about 9:30 pm in Glacier National Park. We'll be leaving to reach locations before sunrise and not leaving the last location of the day until after sunset. Given the vast landscape, most locations throughout Glacier we will be going to will have some drive time that we'll build into our schedule for the day making each day very full.

We also recommend bringing a change of clothes due to temperatures that can fluctuate from early morning, to evening. Please make sure you have water, snacks or any personal items for the day before we head out. Most locations we won't be close enough to our vehicles to run back to get anything so a small backpack is recommended.

During this workshop we will have some hiking to get to our locations. All the trails we will be hiking on are maintained by the park. Some of these locations we'll hit are just a short walk from where we park. However, some of these hikes may include, but not be limited to, elevation gains up to 800+ ft. and may have short distances that are steep. A good pair of hiking boots and poles are recommended (not required).

Our goal is to get you some of the most incredible views that Glacier National Park has to offer. These amazing landscape views are breathtaking and will give you plenty of opportunity to capture stunning images.

Photo Equipment needed-Recommend gear to include but not limited to.

DSLR, Mirrorless cameras or whatever you comfortable with. Solid tripod with a ballhead. Shutter release setup for long exposures. Recommended lens 16-35mm, 24-70mm,70-200mm,100-400mm. If you have a macro lens there will be the opportunity for this. These are the lens we have found to be the best for all around coverage in the areas we will be. Make sure to have extra batteries, SD Cards

What you will learn-

-Creating Stunning Compositions-Rule of 3rds and simplicity

-Understanding Exposure- Shutter Speed, Aperture ,ISO, Depth of Field

-What lens to use for different compositions and lighting

-Focus stacking

-ND Filters

-Create breathtaking pano images

Post Processing
Joe & I believe in maximizing everyones time in field photographing while on the workshop.After the workshop is over in the following weeks we offer a 1/1 - 2 hr Post processing session for anyone to pick 3-4 images from the trip and we will go over with you our work flow in Lightroom & Photoshop.


NICK SELWAY- Born and raised in Lake Stevens, Washington along the Northern Cascade Mountains, he grew a profound appreciation for the natural world at a young age. He spent his childhood traveling and exploring the Pacific Northwest with his family as his love for mother nature grew. He has been photographing for the last 22 years. He'd lived in Kailua Kona, Big Island of Hawaii for the last 14 years where he ran 2 photography galleries "Lava Light Galleries" and conducted photo tours to the volcano and around the island. After living in Hawaii for 14 years In 2018 Nick embarked on a new journey his lifelong dream by opening his very own photography gallery on July 1st, 2018 located in Breckenridge, CO. He had his gallery there from 2018-2021 but after 4 years he wanted to live closer to family. In late 2022 Nick and his wife Sarah moved to Scottsdale,Arizona and plan to open a new Photography Gallery in the near future located in The Famous Art District in Scottsdale,Arizona.He travels around 150 days a year photographing mother nature’s beauty and teaching a variety of photography workshops.

JOE GARZA- Born and raised in Westland, Michigan his photography has always been a passion for him that took off while serving in the United States Navy in the early 90's. He learned that landscape and astrophotography was his passion. His work has been showcased throughout the Midwest and continues to grow throughout the National and state parks. His home gallery located in Stoughton; Wi at Woodland Studios displays his work from across the country. Joe resides in Madison,Wisconsin with with his 3 children.

CANCELLATION POLICY-We reserve the right to cancel the workshop if minimum participants are not met or in the event of an emergency. If a cancellation does occur, participants me either use the fee towards a future workshop or receive a full refund. We are not responsible for travel expenses and therefore we strongly recommend travel insurance to cover such costs.